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Practical Knowledge in Cross-Sector Settings

The aim of EUREGIO III was to identify and share good practice for the effective use of EU Structural Fund (EU SF) budgets for investments in health. It was a major assumption that (i) the development and sharing of practical knowledge and (ii) cross-sector cooperation (between policy fields as well as economic sectors) would be necessary conditions for effective EU SF investments in health.Cross-sector cooperation is challenging, and success is difficult to achieve.

While many challenges are already addressed in the debates about cross-sector cooperation, the problem is how to develop and share practical knowledge in cross-sector settings as well understudied as hard to handle. At the same time, there are many challenges and open questions linked with practical knowledge by itself. It seems to be useful to focus in a first step on the topic “development and sharing of practical knowledge”, before addressing cross-sector issues.

The development and sharing of practical knowledge can be backed up in learning environments outside the specific social, organizational or regional context. In this regard, EUREGIO III delivered valuable contributions further activities can build upon. At the same time and with regard to the development of practical knowledge, these approaches have some limitations. A major challenge is to link learning events with (i) the problem perception, (ii) pre-knowledge and (iii) the “all day” activities of participants, taking their social and organizational contexts into account.

For the development and sharing of practical knowledge it seems to be promising to tailor events and activities like workshops and Master Classes with concrete activities and support needs in EU Member States and regions, and to link them with further activities and measures to support the development and sharing of practical knowledge within the environment in which practice takes place – in the form of bottom-up knowledge building, capacity building programs (holistic approach), peer reviews, mentoring, sharing learning from EU Structural Funds projects in real world environments (Dowdeswell/Watson 2010). 


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