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In the framework of the HealthEquity-2020 project several resources have been produced to assist regions in their work in evidence-based action planning in order to tackle health inequalities.

Below you can find a comprehensive Toolkit for planning, Policy Briefs on various and policy issues, reports, presentations of regions on action planning, and a Policy Matrix to assist using European Structural and Investment Funds for Health Equity.

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Icon Summary - Lay version of the final report 759.5 KB
Icon HE2020 project Newsletters 5.8 MB
Icon HE2020 Toolkit to assist evidence-based action pleanning 5.8 MB
Icon HE2020 Policy Matrix on using ESIF for health equity 1.1 MB
Icon HE2020 Policy Brief 1 on the Toolkit 158.2 KB
Icon HE2020 Policy Brief 2 on Effective interventions to tackle health inequalities 415.1 KB
Icon HE2020 Policy Brief 3 on the Policy Matrix 221.5 KB
Icon HE2020 Policy Brief 4 on Using integrated planning for leveraging stakeholder commitments to tackle health inequalities 334.3 KB
Icon HE2020 Presentations on health inequalities, regional planning, capacity building and using EU funds for action 11.2 MB
Icon HE2020 Consultation workshop report (29 Jan 2015) 515.7 KB
Icon Project flyer - 1 page summary 401.7 KB

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