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Reference Group


Within the group of Collaborating partners a special subgroup was set up callled Reference group. To maximize the relevance and required impact of EUREGIO III this Reference Group has been established under Working Package 10. The purpose of the Reference Group was to facilitate a two-way exchange of experience between the EIII Core Group (Health ClusterNET, EMK - Semmelweis University, University of Maastricht, University of Liverpool, Veneto Region, European Centre for Health Assets & Architecture/EuHPN) and the Reference Group. It also provided a link between the Core Group and experts in the field of regional investment for health. The Reference Group also had a role in facilitating exchange between the stakeholders / target groups and the core group.


Membership of the Reference Group


The Social Policy and Public Health Committee of the Assembly of European Regions chaired this Group.


The Group had three types of members:

1. An organization that had experience of managing health-related projects in former Objective 1 regions in order to engage a wider range of relevant experience especially from the former East Germany and Southern Europe.

  • University of Management & Communication (with Department Medical Clinic A, Ruppiner  Kliniken GmbH, Neuruppin) (Potsdam, Brandenburg) 

2. The national Managing Authorities of health-related Structural Fund Operating Programmes fromed a selection of countries with significant health investment planned in Convergence Regions.

  • Hungarian National Development Agency, Human Resource Development Programme

  • Department for Coordination of Infrastructure Programmes, Polish Ministry of Regional Development

  • Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, Unit for Structural Funds  

  • Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia  

  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria  

  • Managing Authority for Operational Programme (Health-Providence) Greece. 


3. Complimenting EUREGIO III, DG SANCO recruited 4 experts among the above countries to undertake a Health & Structural Funds assignment that EIII can inform and that can also contribute to EUREGIO III

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