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Scoping and screening excercise

Phase 1 of Work Package 6 of EUREGIO III project conducts a scoping and screening exercise of existing information and expertise in the field of health gain related to Structural Funds. Lists of all stakeholders (experts, regional policy makers, potential SF applicants, decision makers in national, regional, local institutions etc.) will be put together. The inventory also comprises a list of existing information on using Structural Funds effectively (e.g. in the form of guidebooks in other areas of SF, brochures by the EU etc.). This list  will include overviews of the key messages of the information and link to this information where it is available on the Internet. Where tools are identified, they will be initially assessed and categorised according to criteria agreed with the EIII Core Group and Reference Group (WP10). Those that meet inclusion criteria will be reviewed and summary details produced in an online resource guide. The summaries will address: brief description; strengths and weaknesses; resource contact details.

The inventory and resource guide will be made available on this website and will provide a conditional basis for the work of Work Packages 2-3 and 7-9.

The Stakeholder briefing and the templates for the stakeholders and expertise in SF Health Investments & lists of resources for the Scoping and Screening exercise are available below. The first inventory of stakeholders can be downloaded from the next subpage.

  Name Size
Icon List of stakeholders and expertise - template for data collection 91.1 KB
Icon Stakeholder briefing 2.4 MB
Icon 1st Thematic Report: presenting the findings of the stakeholders’ questionnaire completed in the 1st semester and the progress m 356.6 KB
Icon List of rescources - template for data collection 52.0 KB

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