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Venice Stakeholder Event - Background materials


Venice Stakeholder Event, 3 Febr 2011, Brussels


Venice Stakeholder Event Briefing pdf
EUREGIO III project brochure pdf
Invitation pdf
Agenda pdf
Speakers pdf

Professor Jonathan Watson: Painting a picture about health, structural funds, regional needs and EUREGIO III



Ourania Georgoutsakou: Directions and level of health investment under cohesion Policy in the 2014-2020 period – A critical perspective


Dr Andor Ürmos: Maximising health gains from Structural Funds pdf

Dr Ivan Erzen: Different perspectives and priorities of working at policy on managing Structural Funds at national and regional levels



Dr Isabel Mendes Martins: Learning lessons from 2000-2006 to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of health sector investment from Structural Funds: the need for pluralism in policy making and priority setting



Georgios Margetidis: Healthcare Infrastructure planning and organizational change: the case of the "Aghii Anarghyri" General and Cancer Hospital, Athens, Greece


Prof Kurt J.G. Schmailzl: Experiences from a previous beneficiary of Structural Funds used for health sector investment at regional level pdf

Mieczysław Pasowicz MD, PhD: Using Structural Funds for health sector investment at regional level



Sara Pavoncello: Achieving broader health gains by using Structural Funds for non-direct health investments



Venice Event Report - Learning lessons about health-related Structural Fund investments



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