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Interim Challenge Workshop - Background materials



Interim Challenge Workshop, 3 Febr 2011, Brussels


Programme  word
Workshop Briefing  pdf
Jonathan Watson: Structural Funds and health: why EUREGIO III?  pp2
Barrie Dowdeswell: WP5 - Case material  pp2
Margit Ohr: Findings & implications: Stakeholders needs and priorities - Experiences of an European Online Survey  pp2
Olivér Komma: Experiences of the EIII master classes related to the use of SF  pp2
Sue Woolf:   Workshops and learning resources  pp2
Jonathan Watson: Building on EUREGIO III: needs and opportunities  pp2
Gabriella Fesus: European cohesion policy post-2013  pp2
Background reading 1: EUREGIO III - Interim observation, outcomes and future direction  pdf

Background reading 2: EUREGIOIII - Case material development

Background reading 3: eHealth and Health infrastructure  pdf


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