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Workshop 2 - Learning resources


Berlin Workshop, 23-25 June 2010, Germany


 Workshop flyer






Sue Woolf: Euregio III project overview


Edit Sebestyén, Prof Dr Dr Kurt J.G. Schmailzl: Introduction to Structural Funds


Dr Christopher A Birt: Key priorities in health care planning. A logical approach to planning health care services in relation to need


Group activity:

Planning services for health. Comparative demographic data

A Guide to Coronary Heart Disease

Questions to help group plan CHD services for the population of a fictitious country

Suggested Responses for health services planning



 Steve Wright: Trends in global and European health policy development




Group activity:

Evaluating a case study - Coxa hospital, Tampere, Finland

Evaluating a case study - Alzira model: Hospital de la Ribera, Valencia, Spain

Blank form for evaluation of case study material 



Barrie Dowdeswell: Project development for SF - Key factors



Group activity:  

Country Action Plan template



Prof Dr Dr Kurt J.G. Schmailzl: A Structural Fund experience in Berlin



Dr Christopher A Birt: Accessing EU funds relevant to health development (other than from DG REGIO)



Prof Jonathan Watson: What EUREGIO III project stakeholders are telling us



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