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Master Class 4 - Learning resources


Lyon Master Class (6-7 September 2011)


Agenda pdf


EU Structural Funds vs. National strategy, financial environment of health development and investment strategic planning



Oliver Komma: Summary of pervious Master Classes, what we learned from these Master Classes pdf
 Prof Jonathan Watson: Structural Funds and health: what EUREGIO III is telling us pdf
 Didier Vinot: Reform of the Hospitals Governance in France pdf
Barrie Dowdeswell: The future economic outlook for capital investment in the health sector pdf
 Barrie Dowdeswell: Improving the focus on Strategic Capital Planning pdf
Sirpa Liimatta: Comprehensive telecare services in Finland and Portugal – online presentations pdf

DAY 1 

Effective use of health facilities and human capacity

István Csizmadia: Reform of Hungarian Health Care System with or without resources, SF is enough? pdf

Phil Nedin: Capital investment and sustainability

Hennu Kjisik: The Power of Architecture pdf
 Knut Fredrik Samset: Project appraisal and monitoring Structural Funds projects pdf
Edmond Girasek: Project appraisal and monitoring Structural Funds projects pdf

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