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Inventory of stakeholders

For each European countries in the European Union a detailed contact list of stakeholders and expertise regarding Managing Authorities (MA) of Structural Fund Operational Programmes (OP), projects, Ministries of Health and other stakeholders (see the lists in the attached files) has been produced divided into the EU12 & EU15 countries.

This part of the Inventory presents an overview on the detailed management of programmes, which receive support from the Structural Funds. For every programme, they designate a Managing authority (at national, regional or another level), which will inform potential Beneficiaries select the projects and generally monitor implementation.

In most cases, it is identified who are the MAs for those Operational Programmes that have health Infrastructures and/or other healthy priorities already included in their OPs. This given in the form of bold and highlighted in red.

We would be very grateful for your comments and advice regarding the contact details of your own country and identify those contacts who are MAs of health-related SF OPs and/or projects as well as indicate contacts of unit(s)/department(s) of Ministries of Health dealing with SF.

The Inventory will be used for the master classes and workshops, organised by the project and provide a conditional bases for disseminating the outputs and results of EUREGIOIII for potential target groups.


The detailed version of the First Inventory is available in excel files and can already be downloaded.


Inventory of stakeholders and expertise of EU15:


Inventory of stakeholders and expertise of EU12:





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