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Capacity bulding audit


The EUREGIO III project provides evidence and learning as a contribution to improving the process and effectiveness of health-related investments using structural funds (SF) by conducting capacity building audits in Europe. In its approach, the EUREGIO III project has tried to address the specific needs of the countries/regions in the health sector with a view to ensure as much as possible targeted and effective SF investments.

These are taken into account through the 5 domains of capacity building framework about how the SF process operates and supports the needs of countries/regions.

  • Leadership
  • Organizational development
  • Resources allocation
  • Workforce allocation
  • Partnership working

Findings of the capacity building audit are contributing to a more detailed understanding of existing capacities and capabilities of member states/regions regarding health-related SF investments. These enable us to inform a needed capacity building regarding the application and process of health-related SF investment to continue beyond the project.  

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