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One of the core components of EUREGIO III project is to develop and run a series of 5 workshops for people to learn how to apply for and use Structural Funds for health projects.


Overall Aim of the workshops

  • To develop knowledge and skills to design, implement and evaluate Structural Funds investments for health and strengthen capacity to implement principles of best practice in participating countries.




  • To develop knowledge and competency in designing projects for measurable and sustainable health improvement relevant for SF support, including; integrated capital and service planning and investment.

  • To explore new perspectives on health needs assessment and the impact of a changing economic outlook.

  • To broaden awareness of the wider opportunities for Structural Funds application, including the principles of health and the economy (“health is wealth” and “health in all policies”) with particular regard to health related investments achieving higher priority in national and regional SF Operation Programmes.

  • To develop project management skills for implementation of Structural Funds projects that bring into play new principles of project management for best value, sustainable lifecycle benefit, and effective SF process implementation and management.

  • To develop knowledge and skills in the evaluation of Structural Funds projects including tactical and strategic outcome assessment.


Learning resources



Contact:  Sue Woolf, Research Coordinator at the Liverpool University ()






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