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EIII Practical Knowledge Database

The database is developed based on


  1. the evaluation of the performance of a representative range of structural aid programme projects drawn from the 2000-2006 programme;

  2. reviewing processes and practices to identify those factors that predispose projects to success and conversely those that have an inhibiting impact on project development and implementation. This as a source inputs other work packages described and underpins the project overall with a credible and authoritative foundation;

  3. reviewing the effectiveness of translation of structural aid guidance into tangible project proposals incorporating a review of symmetry between the projects and the overall aims of structural aid funding and specific project approval criteria. This will additionally identify any element of project drift and if so to understand underlying reasons, applying equally to focus and timetabling. This will deliver an informed basis for assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of guidance and the competency of beneficiaries in applying this guidance;

  4. using the networks described above and by referencing the 2007-2013 programme a preliminary review will also be made of the status of these projects to validate prima-facia evidence and to identify underlying causes should problems be identified.


The elements of the practical knowledge database are avalilable under the 'EIII Case study material'  section.


Contact person:

Barrie Dowdeswell, Research Director, European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture

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