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Key terms

Health sector

The health sector consists of organized public and private health services (including health promotion, disease prevention, diagnostic, treatment and care services), the polices and activities of health departments, health related non-government organizations and community groups, and professional associations.

(References: adapted from WHO (1984) HFA Glossary of Terms)


Direct health sector investments

Health was identified as a clear investment priority during the 2007-2013 negotiation phase. These priorities conform to the objectives of the Community Strategic Guidelines for Cohesion (2006), which include a specific chapter on "help maintain a healthy labour force". Direct investments include: health infrastructure, e-health, inpatient care, access to health care by vulnerable social groups, emergency care, medical equipment, screening, health promotion and disease prevention, education and training for health professionals.


Indirect health sector investment

Indirect health sector investment, the starting point for investment and/or focus of the priority action(s) is outside the health sector e.g. local government, business sector but will include engagement with and investment in health sector services and resources e.g for health & safety, workplace health screening and health promotion


Non-health sector investment

Non-health sector investment that has potential added value health gain, specifically potential impacts on the wider economic, social and environmental determinants of health.


Overall, these investments and non health sector investments with potential health gain address the basic principles of the EU Health Strategy for 2008-2013.

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