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Capacity building in regions

The Capacity building programme provides practical support to participating regions to access/use knowledge and experience that is needed to solve problems, implement change, build effective actions and achieve sustainability. All regions have different starting points & development priorities. HEALTHEQUITY-2020 will respect these & use the project to build on what participating regions have already achieved & where they need to go next. Where possible capacity building needs to be language specific and context specific to be most effective.

The key elements of the capacity building will be:

  • Capacity building audit & re-audit in participating regions,
  • Development of policy matrix (merging Europe 2020 priorities with determinants of health inequalities),
  • Review of policy matrix (with key stakeholders),
  • Create expert network (identify & recruit experts; coordinate network),
  • Capacity building activities.

Participating regions get access to relevant expert support with (i) 3 expert contacts after each workshop for 10 regions using Elluminate for online 2 hour sessions (n=120) to discuss priority themes identified by participating regions with relevant experts (ii) auto action learning method used where individuals from regions need mentoring by AP/CP experts & expert network. 

Building an expert pool prioritises the identification & recruitment of experts per Member State (starting with the EU10) for key policy domains identified during toolkit development that provide entry points with Europe 2020 for action on factors contributing to health inequalities.



Contact: Oana Neagu, Maastricht University ()

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