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Workshop 4 - learning recources


Liverpool Workshop, 14-16 June 2011, UK










 Dr Debbi Stanistreet: Introduction




Sue Woolf: Introduction to EIII project




 Dr Chris Birt: A logical Approach to planning health care services in relation to need




 Jeff Girling: International Health Care Reform and The Role of Public Health




 Matthew Ashton: Needs Assessment and Strategic Healthcare Planning




 Barrie Dowdeswell: Unlocking the hospital centric model




 Prof Margaret Whitehead: Taking effective action to reduce health inequalities




 Steve Clayton: Reducing health inequalities through social interventions -Evidence of effectiveness




 Chris White: Utilising EU funding to reduce health inequalities




 Dr Chris Birt: Accessing EU funds relevant to health development




 Chris Brookes: Equity Action 1




 Yoline Kuipers: Equity Action 2




 Roger Seddon: Measuring the Health Impact of a Social Intervention Project




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