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EU10 regions

The project involves 2 pilot regions: Pomurje (a micro-region in Slovenia) & Lodzskie (a large region in Poland) and 8 other EU10 regions to share/test project outputs and results within the framework of the Action Learning & Capacity Building Programmes.

The activity prioritizes those MS & regions where premature mortality exceeds 20% of the EU average (defined by under 65 years standardized mortality rates). In effect, the EU10. Some regions in the EU15 also experience significant health inequalities so they are also a target group for dissemination through e.g. cooperation with the EC Joint Action on Health Inequalities (2011-2014).


Collaborating countries/regions



• Pomurje, Slovenia
• Lodzkie, Poland
• Vysočina, Czech Republic
• Northern Great Plain, Hungary
• Trenčín, Slovakia
• Klaipėda District, Lithuania
• Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
• Covasna, Romania
• Latvia
• Tallin, Estonia

Three new, more advanced (expert) regions joined the project 2015 early summer:

• Region Skåne, Sweden
• Welsh Government -  Health Inequalities & International Health department, UK
• Andalusia -  Regional Government, Spain




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