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Stakeholder analysis

The EUREGIO III project provides evidence and learning as a contribution to improving the process and effectiveness of health-related investments using structural funds (SF). In its approach, the EUREGIO III project has tried to address the specific needs of the stakeholders in the health sector with a view to ensure as much as possible targeted and effective SF investments.

These are taken into account through the 27 questions about how the SF process operates and supports the needs of stakeholders categorized into 5 sections (summarized in Section 3 of the stakeholder online report):


  1. Organizational information;
  2. What investments priorities exists in European countries;
  3. What are the needs of the stakeholders;
  4. Available Resources;
  5. Towards intersectoral co-ordination and collaborative working.


The EUREGIO III project is currently at mid-term. Findings of 2010 and the results of the online survey are presented below in the 2nd Thematic Report and the Stakeholder Survey Report. These enable us to inform a needed capacity building audit regarding the application and process of health-related SF investment to continue in the last year of the project and beyond. The key findings of the survey will guide us in designing the capacity building elements of the project. There is a clear need to inform the stakeholders as early as possible with a view to better shape future spending.


The 2nd Thematic Report of stakeholders, expertise and resources: stakeholder analysis and capacity building audit (2010) is available here.


The Stakeholder Survey Report (2010) is available here.




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