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Action learning workshop series for regions

The University of Maaastricht will provide an action learning workshop series for stakeholders in participating regions.

Action learning is a learning process, a means of development, a problem-solving strategy for organizations through which practical issues are tackled. HealthEquity-2020 takes action for learning by engaging representatives/stakeholders from 10 European regions in capacity building efforts to address health inequities. Regions will participate in discussions about their current state of affairs, their problems and challenges; they work on specific tasks and share their results and findings.

As part of the project action learning will be organized around the development of action plans, the specific sequence of steps or activities that must be taken for a strategy to succeed. More specifically, we focus on cross-sectoral action planning. That means regions are encouraged to take a more effective approach to address health inequities by taking into account the social determinants of health. These include different policies or sectors that influence health outcomes such as the socioeconomic and political context (governance, policies, cultural and societal norms and values) or social structures (access to education, income).

HealthEquity-2020 and its action learning approach will offer practical support with the creation of two kinds of action plans: the ones to address specific health inequities and the ones needed to build regional capacity to learn how to address these inequities.

The action learning workshop series will be supported by a toolkit development process which includes also a capacity building audit tool. The learning process aims to be practically orientated which is why two pilot regions have been selected: Lodzskie (Poland) and Pomurska (Slovenia) who will test beforehand the toolkit and share their experience.


In summary the aim is to ensure that participants are not only ‘taught’, but that they have an opportunity to put learning into action. This will be achieved through organisation of 4 workshops with appr. 80 participants from 10 participating EU10 regions.

The 4 practical knowledge themes of the workshop series are:

These 4 teams will take regions from their starting points through translation of evidence & experience into action plans for each region.

Each theme will comprise a workshop & a virtual action learning set. A lead expert will moderate each AL theme & other experts will provide input to workshops as appropriate.

The Action learning programme will ensure close involvement & co-operation in learning exchange between different stakeholders to create genuine conditions for participation & definition of region-specific development scenarios.


Contact: Oana Neagu, Maastricht University ()

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