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Thematic workshops for collaborating regions to assist the development of action plans

29 Apr 2015 13:28

To assist HE2020 collaborating regions in the final stage of their regional action plan development which plans aim to tackle health inequalities and will be integrated into wider development plans, thematic workshops will be organised in June 2015. As additional elements of the Action Learning Workshop Series 3 specific workshops will be organised on Access to Health Services (2-3 June, Brussels, Belgium), Helping Vulnerable Groups (15-16 June, Sfantul Gheorghe, Romania), Healthy Lifestyle (30-31 July, Klaipeda, Lithuania). These themes are covering some of the key priorities that regions have identified during their prior needs assessment process supported by evidence.

The workshops will reflect on the regions' challenges and needs in the developmental process and will provide examples of good interventions and policies in relation to the given fields.

More information about these workshops: Oana Neagu, Junior reseracher, University of Maastricht (oana.neagu@maastrichtuniversity.nl).


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