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Preparation of the Workshop series

5 May 2013 11:59

Interviews with EU10 regional representatives have been started in May in order to prepare the collaborating regions for the 1st workshop of the action learning workshop series planned as part of the project. The representatives have been asked to introduce their regions as well as their needs and interests concerning their participation in the project have been assessed by the project partners. The interviews also covered the main health inequalities within the regions and those stakeholders who could be involved in cross-sectoral work to tackle inequalities. 

The 1st workshop focusing on 'Needs assessment' will involve 10 regions from the EU10 Member States and will have the aim to review the current health situation in the regions in order to identify essential and modifiable determinants of socioeconomic health inequalities. This information will assist the process of identifying entry points for actions that can improve health and reduce inequalities. By creating a comprehensive overview of the needs in the region, the allocation of resources can be more focused towards those policies and interventions that are expected to have the most impact on health and regional development.

As part of the second round of interviews the toolkit to be developed will be introduced to the regions by the Erasmus University, specifically the draft needs assessment tool that the participants will work with during the course of the workshop. Based on the discussions the draft tool will be refined by the time the October workshop starts.

The complete toolkit will be finalized based on the feedbacks on each tool and the experiences of the 4 workshops held during the 2 years.

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