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Launch of HealthEquity-2020 project - 10 July 2012

10 Jul 2012 16:10

The HealthEquity-2020 project has been launched in July 2012 with the objective to assist Member States/regions to develop evidence-based action plans on reducing health inequalities, which also informs the use of Structural Funds (SF) in the next programming period. By targeting policy-makers and practitioners who make and shape policies and implement actions, the project seeks to both (i) explore potential action areas & (ii) make the case (including economic evidence) for investments to reduce inequalities through regional actions within & beyond the health sector.

With 5 associate partners, 8 collaborating EU10 regional partners and a Project Advisory Board the project uses different methods and means to achieve its objectives: developing a toolkit and a portfolio of policy actions sensitive to differing needs supplemented by a practical knowledge database with good practice case examples and organising an action learning workshop series & developing follow-up action learning sets to increase knowledge & capacity of local stakeholders using social innovation. Intensive, targeted dissemination activities & an accessible and interactive website and online database as a resource will help uptake of project result by EU regions.

The project received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme.

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