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Consultation Workshop, 29 January 2015

2 Jan 2015 8:33

A Consultation Workshop has been organised on challenges that EU regions face when they aim to tackle health inequalities through evidence-based action planning. In particular, overcoming these challenges means involving policy makers and decision makers in the process and working out how to practically link their work to regional development strategies. The policy implications of what the project has learned has been considered by reviewing the findings and lessons learned by the project in its past two and a half years.

Invitees to this event have been professionals, policy makers and researchers coming from various fields representing regional, national and European levels at the domain of tackling health inequalities. Participants representing regional governments, professional organizations, universities, and EU institutions shared their experiences with regards to evidence-based action planning. Regions identified immediate benefits they have from the project and that what obstacles remain in this process. Participants discussed how to maximise impact of action planning at regional level, how to engage decision makers in the planning process, and how to link this work to wider regional development activities. Financial resources to address regional priorities have also been reviewed with special regard to Structural and Investments Funds.



The event was held at the Brussels Office of the Łódzkie Voivodship, Poland.






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