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Conference on evidence-based integrated planning to tackle health inequalities at regional level

23 Sep 2015 9:20

4 December 2015 a conference was organised in Brussels as part of the project in collaboration with the Committee of the European Regions. The main theme of the conference was: Evidence-based integrated planning to tackle health inequalities at regional level.

Taking a regional perspective, the key issues of the event were evidence-based approach, cross-sectoral approach, action learning and capacity  building, and integrated planning to promote and ensure synergies in regional decision making and funding.

Invitees of this event have been key stakeholders in tackling health inequalities at regional, national, and European levels, both from governmental and non-governmental bodies and organisations, as well as researchers, experts from universities, research institutes, and representatives of organisations managing  different funds that can be used to finance relevant actions.


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Contact person: Edit Sebestyén, HealthClusterNet (edit@healthclusternet.eu)




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