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Carrying out baseline capacity building audits

25 Apr 2013 11:13

The Maastricht University team together with an expert of Health ClusterNet have started to carry out the planned baseline capacity building audits in the two HE2020 pilot regions. The interviews of the first phase of work with stakeholders will start in May in Murska Sobota in Slovenia which work will be continued in June as the second phase. The same baseline audit will be carried out in Lodzkie pilot region in Poland.

The aim of the activity is twofold: (i) examining actual capacities in the pilot regions (and later in the further 8 EU10 regions) & (ii) development of a capacity audit self-assessment tool.

The tool should allow regional decision makers to get an overview about their capacities to address health inequalities. The used capacity building framework focuses on five key domains and several action areas. The five domains are:  (i) organizational development, (ii) workforce development, (iii) resource allocation, (iv) partnerships and (v) leadership.

The results and experiences of the audits during the course of the project will inform the audit tool development, which tool will be one of the elements of the planned toolkit for evidence-based regional action planning.


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