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2nd workshop on evidence-based regional planning 13-14 Febr 2014, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

13 Feb 2014 12:00

The 2nd workshop of the Action Learning Workshop series has been organised in Bulgaria, Stara Zagora in February 13-14, 2014 for representatives of our EU10 collaborating regions: local and national government representatives, medical professionals and regional develoment experts  dealing with health inequalities.

The aim of the Action Learning Workshop Series is to take regions from their starting points through translation of evidence & experience into action plans for each region.  The 1st workshop held in October 2013 in Lodz, Poland addressed how to determine in a systematic manner the gaps between current conditions leading to health inequalities and desired outcomes. Following this 1st Workshop on “Needs Assessment”, the 2nd worshop in Bulgaria focused on "Entry points", the selected regional priorities of the  partners which have been identiefied based on the performed a needs assessment  including a capacity audit.


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