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1st workshop on evidence-based regional planning 17-18 Oct 2013, Lódz, Poland

19 Oct 2013 17:10

The 1st HE2020 Workshop on evidence-based action planning to reduce health inequalities has been held in Lódz, Poland, 17-18 October 2013. Twenty-one experts from 10 regions from the EU10 Member States have participated in our workshop. The experts represented local and national governments, public health institutes, universities, development agencies using structural funds, all dealing with health inequalities directly or indirectly.


The workshop has been organised by the Medical University of Lodz along with the Maastricht University and Health ClusterNET. The event was part of an action learning workshop series which consists of 4 workshops.


The main question the workshop addressed was how to determine in a systematic manner the gaps between current conditions leading to health inequalities and desired outcomes and improving health and well-being. More specifically it focused on: (i) regions and regional priorities; (ii) performing a Needs Assessment; (iii) performing a Capacity Audit.


The next workshop focusing on ’Entry points’ will be built on the work done in this 1st phase. The collaborating regions using the developed and selected tools will carry out (i) a regional needs assessment in order to assess the magnitude and determinants of socioeconomic inequalities as well as (ii) a capacity audit. Based on these they will be able to identify their priorities and entry points for the next phase in addressing socioeconomic health inequalities and the necessary capacities either existing or to be developed.

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