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Expert Workshop on existing evidence & learning

17 Oct 2012 10:00:00

HE2020 project builds on existing evidence, knowledge & lessons from other EU projects that can inform entry points to actions including (i) health & SF (ii) analysis of determinants of health inequalities using available data (iii) reviews of what works in reducing health inequalities & (iv) tools for health impact assessment.

The Expert Workshop organised by the Erasmus MC focuses on these issues and serves as a starting point for the future work. Representatives of more than 20 relevant European projects, initiatives have been invited to the meeting. The objective of the workshop is to identify exsiting key resources that HE2020 can build on and key themes that will shape the toolkit developement. The toolkit will help the regions realize evidence-based action planning to reduce health inequalities.

Type of event:
  • Invitation only
  • Relevant EU project representatives, experts at the field of tackling health inequalities
  • HE2020 Project representatives
  • Brussels


Download the presentations of the workshop from here.

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