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Action learning - Workshop 1 for EU 10 regions: Needs Assessment

17 Oct 2013 10:00:00 thru 18 Oct 2013

In order to maximize information exchange and sharing of good practice between regions, a set of workshops will be designed and held during the course of the project.

The 1st WS will be organised around the theme 'Needs Assessment'.

Preparational activities:
  • Development and test of the Capacity Audit Tool within the pilot regions
  • Testing the needs assessment tools in pilot regions
Focus of the workshop:

The main question to address is how to determine and address in a systematic manner the gaps between current conditions and desired outcomes?

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Regions and regional priorities;
  • The capacity audit tool;
  • Presentation of findings from the capacity audit for the two pilot regions;
  • Preparing capacity audits for regions: making agreements about next steps;
    • Needs assessment and tool box;
    • Applying the tool box: examples from pilot regions;
    • Preparing needs assessment exercises for the participating regions: agreements
Supportive actions for the EU10 regions after the WS takes place through follow-up expert moderated online action learning sets:
  • Supporting regions in building agenda / identifying priority setting
  • Supporting regions in capacity audit
Type of event:
  • Invitation only
  •  EU10 regional representatives, external experts, project representatives
  • Poland, Lodz, Medical University
  • 17-18 October 2013


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